Daily Minyan and Kaddish Club

Led by Hazzan Sheini Daniel J. Nesson

Meaning in Minyan: Comfort in Company, Solace for the Soul

Temple Emanuel holds daily minyan services twice each day to provide for the spiritual needs not only of its members but of the entire Jewish Community.

Our minyan is egalitarian, with participation available to everyone at his or her level of ability.

When you attend a service, please let our Hazzan Sheini Dan Nesson know if you are observing a Yahrzeit so that you can be offered the opportunity to lead the service or to accept an honor. You may also contact Dan Nesson or by phone (617) 558-8104 in advance to make special arrangements.

The morning minyan generally meets at the following times:

  • 6:45 am Shabbat
  • 7:00 am Monday through Friday
  • 8:00 am Sunday and certain legal holidays

Exceptions are Rosh Hodesh, Festivals, and holidays when Hallel is recited. On those days the starting time is usually 6:45 am (check the daily calendar for exact times each day).

Evening services are usually at 7:30 pm Sunday through Thursday and at 6:30 pm on Friday. Saturday afternoon/evening service times are dictated by the weekly sunset time and can be found in the daily calendar listing.

Exception to these times can be found on the Service Times page. Service times are also frequently updated on the Temple Emanuel service “Time Line” by calling (617) 558 8174.

The Kaddish Club of Temple Emanuel

The Kaddish Club is comprised of morning minyan attendees and a group of Temple members who volunteer their services year-round. The volunteers arrive before morning services, prepare a breakfast for the daily minyan, and clean up afterward.

Breakfast is served at the conclusion of each morning service; you are cordially invited to join us.

To help defray the costs, a voluntary monthly contribution of $18 for regular breakfast attendees is requested. Minyan members are also asked to help with the daily cleanup as their morning schedules permit.